MER 12: Talking Band Uniforms with Chris Walls

In this episode, Emmett and Brandon discuss the marching band uniform and design process with Chris Walls of Fruhauf Uniforms. Topics included:

  • Design considerations
  • Materials
  • Timeline
  • Ordering Best Practices
  • Qualities of an outstanding uniform

In addition to being a wealth of knowledge in the area of marching band uniforms, Mr. Walls is also an accomplished band director and conductor. His biography is below.

Chris Walls

Christopher Walls is a visionary conductor who has brought artistic excellence, audience engagement, and the joy of learning about music to several communities across the nation with renowned success. His broad background and interests include positions as Music Director, Associate Conductor, mentor to young musicians and leadership clinician.

As a freelance conductor in Dallas, Walls is working diligently to bring music to the public through pre-concert lectures, rehearsal clinics, and strong relationships with public schools. Walls had the fortunate opportunity to study conducting under the tutelage of Gary J. Lewis, Gisele Ben-Dor, Allan McMurray, Gary Garner, and James Setapen.

In addition to his musical contributions, Christopher is a proud representative of Fruhauf Uniforms, Inc.

Outside his studies, Christopher Walls is an avid mountaineer, trout fisherman and cook.